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Gait analysis is an examination method for the study of walking regularity, aiming to guide the assessment and treatment of rehabilitation through biomechanics and kinematics, combining with the key links and influencing factors of gait abnormalities, and also contributing to clinical diagnosis, efficacy assessment and mechanism research. Correct and efficient gait analysis is extremely important for both health care workers and patients.

In the past, people could only use cameras and video recorders to take photos of patients' walking posture from different angles, and analyzed the joint Angle manually through images and images. However, it required considerable time and manpower to do this, and the data measured manually had a large error, which made the efficiency very low. Three-dimensional gait analysis system improved the measurement method of gait analysis, the system usually consists of 3D motion capture system, the three dimensional measuring force plate and the methods of electric component, three kinds of equipment are gathering all the key points in the process of human body in walking between accurate three-dimensional coordinates, a foot and bearing surface pressure (vertical, around, around three direction of the force), and the EMG signal, through professional gait analysis software for 3D reconstruction and model analysis, get the movement gait parameters, It is characterized by high precision, high efficiency and high synchronization.

In recent years, three-dimensional gait analysis system is gradually popular in hospital and rehabilitation institutions, Center for gait and movement analysis, Yueyang hospital of integrated traditional and western medicine affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine led by Jiang Shuyun ,relying on a strong medical team and the gait analysis system using experience for many years, has become the leader in the field of application.

Through the design and cooperation of our motion-capture engineer team, 12 and 24 motion-capture cameras were respectively arranged in two laboratories of different sizes, as well as a different number of 3D force plate and surface emg. Users collected the walking process of the subjects through three-dimensional gait analysis system according to the report system, and they can get the data of EMGs of lower limb joint angles, interarticular forces, moments, and specific muscles, mainly involving the hip, knee and ankle ,Finally determine the cause of the patients with abnormal happen according to these data, making personalized intervention plan.

The medical team of the center for gait and motion analysis is now focusing on the gait analysis of patients with cerebral palsy and children with abnormal foot morphology, and is committed to establish a gait analysis database for children in China. There are now many 3a hospitals cooperating with it in scientific research and clinical aspects. It is believed that with the popularity of 3D gait analysis system and the increasing attention of the public to health, NOKOV 3D motion capture system can help more patients in this field and escort the public's health.

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