Pluto Series

Motion Capture Cameras

For entry-level developersandconsumer product integrators

Pluto Series Motion capture cameras

Provide a variety of tracker, to achieve a variety of capture

Provides a variety of different types of tracker, from the joints of the body to external props or various helmets, glasses can be fitted.

High precision positioning and tracking

•    Suitable for constant speed (≤5m/s) and millimeter environment

•    High precision positioning and tracking

•    Millimeter Accuracy

Mini shape, easy to carry

Small size, light weight, easy to carry, to the exhibition and other on-site display

NOKOV Service Advantages

  • 100

    100+ days free trial

  • 7·24

    7×24 hours

    technical support

  • 15·8·9

    15m×8m×9m super large

    Demostration space

  • 30

    Supply within 30 days

Compare Cameras* Two models of cameras are available

Model No. of Pixels Frame Rate Extensibility
Pluto 1.3C 1.3MP 60HZ Scalable to 100 cameras system  
Pluto 2C 2MP 60HZ Scalable to 100 cameras system  
Model Pluto 1.3C Pluto 2C
No. of Pixels 1.3MP 2MP
Frame Rate 60HZ 60HZ
Extensibility Scalable to 100 cameras system Scalable to 100 cameras system

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