Mars Series

Motion Capture Cameras

Scientific products focus on core performance in motion capture

Mars Series Motion capture cameras


With a resolution of 12MP and a frequency of 300 Hz, the Mars12H is the world's top motion-capture camera.

Same Price, Higher Performance

NOKOV's price is more competitive than any other optical motion capture system. Our price means you can double the number of cameras offered by competitors or build better systems at half the price. More cameras mean high precision

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    15m×8m×9m super large

    Demostration space

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ModelResolutionNo. of PixelsFrame RateLatencyFOV3DAccuracyData Sheet
Mars 1.3H1280*10241.3MP240HZ4.0ms57°×44°+/- 0.20mmDownload
Mars 1.3HW1280*10241.3MP240HZ4.0ms80°×70°+/- 0.30mmDownload
Mars 2H2048*10882.2MP380HZ2.4ms69°×40°+/- 0.15 mmDownload
Mars 2HW2048*10882.2MP380HZ2.4ms98°×50°+/- 0.2 mmDownload
Mars 4H2048*20484.1MP180HZ5.2ms52°×52°+/- 0.10 mmDownload
Mars 12H4096*307212MP300HZ3.0ms67°×52°+/- 0.08 mmDownload

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