NOKOV Motion Capture System

Low Cost, low Latency, and High Precision Tracking to Achieve Immersive Experience

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NOKOV Motion and PositionTracking System Features

•    The product line is various, providing a variety of solutions to meet the needs of the application

•    It can transfer data in VRPN form and provide SDK plug-in to enter VR engines such as Unity and Unreal

•    Sub-millimeter precision

•    Minimum 2.8ms latency

Traceable Target (Customizable)

  • Controllers,NOKOV Motion Capture System


  • Head Mounted Display,NOKOV Motion Capture System

    HMD/3D Glasses

  • Human tracking module,NOKOV Motion Capture System

    Human tracking module

  • gun peripheral,NOKOV Motion Capture System

    Gun Peripheral


Mars Series Mocap Cameras

Mars 4H and Mars 12H, frequency from 180Hz to 300Hz, resolution of 4.1 million pixels to 12 million pixels.

Meet the needs of various applications in the field of virtual reality.


Pluto Series Mocap Cameras

High precision positioning and tracking, suitable for constant speed (≤5m/s) and millimeter environment.

Millimeter Accuracy.

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