NOKOV Motion Capture System

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High Precision Real-Time Motion Capture

It is recommended to catch 1-10 people in the same field

Applications: game CG, game animation, 3D animation, VFX, advertising

Trackable Objects: human, props, or animals (such as horses, monkeys, sheep, etc.)

output data format: .trc、.trb、.htr

NOKOV motion capture,Real-time motion capture,VFX,

Real-Time Data Binding Characters for Driving

•      Collect the action data of an actor/actress in real time for matching and binding animated character.

•      Drive the animated character to move in synchronization with the actor/actress and show the capture effects at the same time.

•      Drive virtual cameras to compose a reality scene.

NOKOV motion capture,ergonomics,usability test,

Repair Motion Capture Data Accurately and Rapidly

Provides a complete set of motion capture cameras hardware and operation and analysis processing software.

It can quickly repair the data manually, including deleting, filling, smoothing and other processing, so that the movements of people or animals are more realistic and natural Improve the efficiency and quality of animation production.

Human motion capture,NOKOV motion capture,VFX,
Accessible to Software
Case Studies

Technical Analysis of Football

Guangzhou Sport University

In a space of 8m×8m, 8 Motion capture cameras were used to capture the standard kicking Motion of football players. The coordinates were imported into Maya and Motion Builder to produce football animation.

More Detail
More Detail

Mars Series Mocap Cameras

Mars 2H, Mars 4H and Mars 12H, frequency from 180Hz-380Hz, resolution of 2.2 million pixels to 12 million pixels, to meet the needs of various applications in the field of film and television animation.

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